Get Beautiful Eyelashes That Last

Visit our salon in Lubbock, TX for lash extensions

Tired of applying mascara or putting on falsies that only last a day? You can get stunning lash extensions that last for two to three weeks at Skin Logic Waxing Studio in Lubbock, TX.

You can choose from the classic, hybrid and volume sets at our lash studio. You can also take your pick of several lash extension colors, shapes and lengths. Schedule an appointment right away to explore all the options.

What should you do when you get lash extensions?

What should you do when you get lash extensions?

Getting lash extensions is no big deal, but it takes a little bit of preparation. Please make sure to:

  • Remove your makeup and clean your eyelashes before your appointment
  • Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to talk about what you have in mind
  • Expect us to discuss whether lash extensions are right for your natural lashes

We want to make sure that we maintain healthy eyelashes under the extensions, and we won't place extensions on lashes that could be damaged by them. After this, we'll get to work on your lash extensions. Visit our lash studio two to three weeks later to maintain the look.

Price List



2 Week Refill - $55
3 Week Refill - $70



2 Week Refill - $70
3 Week Refill - $90



2 Week Refill - $85
3 Week Refill - $105

If lashes are close to being completely gone, a full set will be charged. coming in every 2 weeks is recommended.